What advantages on our price?
Our Group structure gives you biggest financially benefit, the customer, comparing with competitor in the same line.

What is our service process?
Our research and development department delivers innovative design idea, giving you the competitive service to you.
Our product department can make your order product to reach the high quality through using the excellent materials, equipment and product technique.
Our installation parts are experienced installation teams who build long-lasting structures that are easy to maintain.
Our staff can answer you any inquiry throughout your whole purchase.

How to order our products?
You can purchase online, exhibition, or regular means.

What transportation means can we offer?
After purchasing our products, you can choose the ocean and air transportation and express.

How to confirm after your products are finished?
You can confirm by fax, telephone, E-mail or photos.

How to get our new products information?
You can learn through website update, E-mail, our promotion catalogue. Or you can consult about our salesman by telephone, fax.

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